About us

Web Development Company is an international integrated business service provider based in Australia and India is the only IT Company with the widest range of online-based services to offer. It was established in 2009 and has been growing its client-base steadily with over 700 satisfied clients as witness to it. IITIAN specializes in web development, e-commerce platforms, and search engine optimization (SEO) services, plug-in development, App development and many more.

IITIAN INFOTECH caters to small and large scaled businesses from around the world and offers a comprehensive and complete web-based solution for all your business requirements. Our clients include renowned companies from countries such as USA, Australia, UK, Canada and others. IITIAN offers you the following services to ensure that your business’s transition from the real-world market to the virtual world is smooth and hassle-free at your end:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This service is a vital and important aspect for the successful promotion and high-visibility required by your business to excel online. It provides a way to maximize your website’s ranking and relevancy to the search performed by potential clients from anywhere in the world. Our SEO experts are focused on getting the optimum ranking for your business website in major online search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Web Development

IITIAN INFOTECH is the leader in web development with its all-encompassing services covering every major aspect of this field, including development of website, software, internet applications, social media services and electronic businesses. Our team of experienced web developers is well-trained in managing essential web development tasks such as web-page designing, website engineering, client-side scripting, unique web-content creation as well as web server hosting services offered in an integrated web development package that works smoothly and efficiently.

E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce is the booming field for worldwide businesses today, irrespective of their size. With the incomparable penetration of the internet in every corner of the globe the prospect of conducting business transactions online is swiftly picking up pace. IITIAN INFOTECH realizes the vast advantages of this new market and is well-adept at tapping its potential by providing its clients with an integrated E-Commerce package which includes development and maintenance of mobile commerce applications as well as electronic funds transfer system, supply chain management software, online transaction processing and automated data collection along with completely web-based marketing.

App Development

This is the latest and most efficiently convenient way for promoting a business anywhere in the world. As increasing number of people are using smart phones today, IITIAN INFOTECH has realized the large potential this media has and its expert App Developers are always coming up with new and innovative apps for promotion, marketing and operation of many large and small businesses alike. App development has been found to be one of the most effective and efficiently viable methods for helping a business grow quickly.


The choice for the best and most trusted web-services provider for promoting your business certainly points towards IITIAN INFOTECH. With its above 7 years of educative experience and more than 1000 successfully completed and up-and-running projects online, IITIAN INFOTECH boasts of being truly the best and most comprehensive one-stop-solution for all your web development and e-commerce needs.


7 Years of
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700+ happy clients


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